Recyclability Assessment

Humbly world-class, proudly Indian

Humbly world-class,
proudly Indian

Banyan Nation’s innovative approach to tackling the plastic packaging challenge in India goes beyond mere assessment. Through a meticulous process that combines advanced technology, data analytics, and on-the-ground expertise, Banyan Nation has revolutionized the way recyclability is evaluated.

Understanding the value chain

Our assessment is based on our deep understanding of the recycling value chain - from last mile collection to commercial applications.

Identifying potential risks

We do a comprehensive end of life packaging assessment to identify potential risks and challenges in each stage of the recycling value chain.

Certification of compatibility

The results of these assessments certify whether the packaging is compatible with general recycling streams in India and is effectively recycled.

Identifying areas of improvement

We work with companies and brands to identify potential practical design changes or interventions to improve recycling rates of their packaging.

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