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Trace every bottle back to its source

Trace every bottle back to
its source

We have mapped, trained and integrated 1000’s of informal waste collectors and aggregators to assure material traceability across the value chain.

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To ensure the success of circular economy, it is imperative that recycled resins exhibit material properties that closely match those of virgin plastics. A key factor in achieving this is the careful selection of discarded plastics that were originally made from resins with comparable properties.

We are the first company in India, to answer the FMCG industry’s clarion call for circular economy and develop a HDPE bottle-grade scrap bale by partnering with informal collectors and aggregators.


Pioneering technology platform

Our proprietary data intelligence platform includes a mapping solution and a trading solution to directly trade materials with the informal collectors and aggregators. We map, train and integrate 1000’s of collectors and aggregators into the platform to collect, sort and ship standard bales of discarded post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste right from household articles to automotive and electronic components.

Transparency and traceability

We ensure 100% material traceability and EPR compliance on every single batch of recycled resin produced by us. Brands that incorporate our recycled resins can use on their packaging, QR codes generated by our traceability engine to identify their nearest informal waste collector or aggregator.

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