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Banyan Nation is a pioneer in circular economy for plastics, and a top player in India’s FMCG bottle-to-bottle recycling industry. Banyan produces human contact safe, traceable rPE and rPP resins at consistent technical, color and odor performance.

Banyan has enabled dozens of top brands to transition from the use of virgin plastic to circular recycled plastic and fulfil their global sustainability commitments and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations.

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Making The Use Of Recycled Plastic, The Norm

Making The Use Of Recycled Plastic,
The Norm

Banyan Nation has led the way in developing an inclusive and responsible approach to advancing the circular economy. From mapping and integrating informal recyclers to pioneering plastics washing technology and enabling top brands to use circular resins, Banyan Nation has been a driving force for innovation.

Building an integrative and equitable supply chain

We have mapped, trained and integrated 1000’s of informal waste collectors and aggregators to assure material traceability across the value chain. Our data intelligence platform gives us a bird’s eye view of the informal collection networks across hundreds of cities and towns in India.

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Redefining plastics recycling technology

Developed pioneering plastic washing and recycling technologies to eliminate contaminants, standardize color and remove odors and harmful volatile organic compounds from discarded packaging. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully automated and is widely regarded as one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in India.

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Driving circular economy with recycled plastics

Enabled leading brands in India to put over 1.5 billion bottles made from 100% traceable, responsibly recycled, human contact-safe plastics on store shelves. Our recycled resins are used across a wide range of applications such as home care, personal care, fabric care, engine oil, etc.

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