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Banyan Nation’s Proprietary Cleaning Technology eliminates over


of contaminants

(Residual products such as oil, shampoo, lotion, labels, inks, adhesives etc.)

Benchmark in recycling

Between 2015 to 2018, we solved a series of technological challenges in plastic washing and recycling in India. In addition to pre-sorting, we developed a hot wash technology to eliminate surface contaminants, a system to stabilize and normalize color across production batches, introduced deodorization into polyolefins and setup a water recycling and management system to minimize depletion of ground water.

Proprietary hot wash

We developed a path breaking plastics cleaning technology that removes 98% of surface contaminants from post-consumer plastic waste streams. Our hot wash technology leverages fundamental chemistry to loosen the surface tension of the plastics and the contaminants to produce a super clean washed flake. The washed flakes are free of labels, adhesives, inks, prints and any other product and packaging related contaminant. The technology can be applied to rigids as well as flexible materials and is effective for FMCG bottles, auto components, electronic plastics and a wide range of other applications.

Scientific recycling

Post washing, the flakes are color graded and mixed via proprietary color mixing algorithms to ensure a stable batch over batch color consistency. Banyan uses state-of-the-art extruders that are designed for gentle phase change, fine filtration and reduction of volatile organic compounds to produce a high performant recycled resin.

USFDA approved deodorizer

Deodorization is the last step in our recycling process. Our deodorizer eliminates difficult-to-remove volatiles organic compounds from the extruded resins, making some of our recycled resins suitable for food contact packaging as well.


USFDA Food Grade








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